Family Jewels

Family Jewels

(2 mins, 20 Secs, United Kingdom)


Tilly Wallace

Tilly is a passionate animator and artist based in London, England. A first-class graduate from UCA Farnham, she specialises in traditional 2D processes, such as paint on glass and pastel animation. Tilly likes to explore the human experience in her film projects. This is demonstrated in
Family Jewels, which she produced during her second year at university amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, a student filmmaker decided to combine multiple animation styles to recreate a conversation she shared with her mother and grandmother, in which they revealed the backstories behind their favourite jewellery pieces. The result is a vivid and heart-warming
short which takes its audiences through three generations of family history.

Film School

University for the Creative Arts

One thought on “Family Jewels

  1. A beautiful heart warming short family film, very important to share these memories across the generations, so clever the way Tilly interpreted.

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