Half a Saba

Half a Saba

(4 mins, 4 Secs, Israel)


Ben Molina

The creator of Half a Saba is an Israeli animation filmmaker named Ben Molina. Ben graduated Shenkar College with a BA in Animation and currently works as a managing director at Animation Union Israel. His work specifically explores the concepts of the human psyche and the human


Half a Saba follows the story of a filmmaker’s relationship with his Saba (grandfather) as he reminisces on each chapter of his life. The film synthesises an abstract art style with audio of the
pair’s dialogue as the filmmaker interviews Saba Been about his life experiences.

Additional Credits

Beno Molina As Told by

Or Malka Original Music When I Met God

Aviv Gruber Music Mix

Josue Garcia Garcia Trumpet

Carmin Bittermann Sound Design, Dialouge Editing and re-Recording Mix

Film School


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