(5 mins, 0 Secs, Poland)


Robert Kuźniewski

Robert is a director and animator currently studying at the University of Arts of Poznań, where he specialises in the plasticine technique and claymation. Born in Poznań in 1988, he made his first films at the Film Animation Studio in Zamek and has also won awards at youth film festivals in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. As well as his studies, he mentors for animated film workshops across many countries including Poland, Germany and Ukraine.


A train journey becomes extraordinary when a mix of personalities begin to slowly agitate one another before reaching a breaking point. In this contained and claustrophobic space, this short film explores the mundane through a peculiar lens that brings the simple premise an imaginative twist.

Additional Credits

Paulina Wyrt Producer

Film School

University of Arts in Poznań

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