Tao Yuan

tao yuan

(8 mins, 6 Secs, china)


陈阳嘉 YangJia Chen


A young boy sets off on an adventure of epic proportions after his Grandmother brings the last peach to the Buddha

Additional Credits

肖倩雯Qianwen Xiao Writer

谢爱民 Aimin Xie Writer

邓瑶 Yao Deng Writer

陈阳嘉 YangJia Chen Producer

肖倩雯Qianwen Xiao Producer

谢爱民 Aimin Xie Producer

邓瑶 Yao Deng Producer

杜卓依 Zhuoyi Du Producer

吴雨蝶 Yudie Wu Producer

周沁玥Qinyue Zhou Producer

铁阳 Tie Yann music

Film School

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

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