We Came For the Wings, We Stayed Because We Couldn’t Fly

We Came For the Wings, We Stayed Because We Couldn’t fly

(5 mins, 0 Secs, Israel)


Neta Miriam Perez

Neta Miriam Perez is a freelance illustrator, animator, storyteller and graphic designer currently based in Jaffa, Israel. Originally, Neta studied dance, working on a number of dance projects and through this discovered her affinity toward movement and animation. Following this, she went on
to achieve a BA in the department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.


Five wolves want nothing more than to be able to fly. Every day they try to learn to soar together, craving the moments they feel like they’re almost flying at last. One day, an enormous heaven from the sky above promises them everything they’ve been looking for, but there are conditions to this promise

Additional Credits

Noga Rotem Original Music

Itamar Shlomo Cohen Sound Recording

Film School

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

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