(3 mins, 20 Secs, brazil)


Davi Victor, Saulo Nicolai

Saulo Nicolai grew up in one of the most violent slums in Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 12 he created, together with fellow students, the animated short film “Qual é? – Uma Aventura no Morro dos Prazeres”. Since then, he has continued directing short films and studied in several disciplines including photography and graphic design. He also studied cinematographic direction at the Darcy Ribeiro Film School.


A poetic documentary exploring the relationship between a homeless man and his love for the martial art of Capoeira. This short film encapsulates the beauty of discovering inner peace through meditative practices. The film’s hypnotic cinematography engages the audience to experience a glimpse of such peace.

Additional Credits

Davi Victor Cinematographer

Saulo Nicolai Cinematographer

Davi Victor Writer

Davi Victor Producer

Saulo Nicolai Producer

Marcelo de Souza Lima “Marcelo”

João Lima Direct Sound

Gabriel Marinho Sound Designer

Saulo Nicolai Editor

Saulo Nicolai Color Grading

Marcelo de Souza Lima Original Soundtrack

Gabriel Marinho Original Soundtrack

Film School

Darcy Ribeiro Film School

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