(13 mins, 58 Secs, poland)


Nadia Szymańska

Currently attending National Film School in Łódź, Poland, Nadia is a 25-year-old filmmaker whose particular field of interest is photography. Nadia’s visual foibles include marrying modern 16:9 cinema with a traditional 4:3 aspect ratio and held-held cinematography. Now in the director’s chair, this ethnographical storyteller has already found successes in Warsaw’s Herdocs Film Festival, proving herself as an upcoming talent in documentary filmmaking.


During a summer besides the sea, Gosia raises her young son, Milo, within a Polish traveler’s community. Making ends meet as a tattoo artist, the film presents an overlooked lifestyle of alternative parenting. This fly-on-the-wall documentary positions themes of love and worry within the lifestyle of outsiders.

Additional Credits

Aleksandra Kasprowicz Editing

Marcel Baliński Music

Daniel Adamczyk Sound design

Milena Wielgo Coloring

Polish National Film School in Łódź Producer

Film School

Polish National Film School in Łódź

One thought on “Milo

  1. Beautiful film. My favourite moment is the spinning in the theme park when the music kicks in, nicely contrasted with the ice cream drama.

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