My Dad, the Camera, and I

My Dad, the Camera, and i

(16 mins, 22 Secs, Brazil)


Felipe Camargo de Moura Campos

Born in Brazil, Felipe was selected for the cine programme at The Torcuato Di Tella University in 2020, where he made My Dad, the camera and I. His passion for filmmaking
began at a young age, when his father introduced him to photography. He is the co-founder of the Latin American Festival RABIA, as well as being an accomplished filmmaker.


My dad, the camera and I presents the personal life of the filmmaker and his father, as the filmmaker explores their relationship with the camera. This auto-biographical film uses
archive images and a contemplative narration to reflect the relationship between father and son, as they embark on an intimate journey to re-discover memories that were once lost.

Film School

Torcuato Di Tella University

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