Sanftes Blech: The Trombone That Saved Me

Sanftes Blech | The trombone that saved me

(22 mins, 25 Secs, germany)


Anas Salaheldin

Already a degree holder in Business Administration, Anas continued with his higher education but now with an artistic pursuit in Screenwriting, undertaken at the Higher Institute
of Cinema (HCI) in Cairo. The Egyptian-born filmmaker would move to Germany in 2019 to contribute to the production of open-access television, where Anas would discover a
penchant for documentary filmmaking. In his films, Anas explores loneliness through music, combining archival footage with footage of the present.


Translating into ‘Gentle Brass’, Sanftes Blech is an insight into the life of an aging trombonist. Once, Stephen was the leader of a local orchestra with a background in musical teaching but now struggles to sustain him in his declining health issues and solitude. This story considers the past and self-isolation alongside a German musician who feels his life has already crescendoed.

Additional Credits

Mohamed Salah Sound Designer

Viktoria Lukina Editor

Anas Salaheldin Editor

Film School

High Cinema Institute

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