Communal Flat

Communal Flat

(17 mins, 36 Secs, Ukraine)


Valeria Storchak

Studied at the Karpenko Kary Kyiv University of
Film and Television as a producer. Was a line producer and administrator of student films. In 2021 started working as a promotional producer. As of 2022 plays the role of producer in
full and medium meters at the stage of development


The human body is like a communal flat, and the organs
are its residents. Communal Flat follows a humanised
visual interpretation of the human body rejecting the
phenomenon of new life. When Matilda becomes
pregnant, the rest of the residents refuse to share their
space and come up with a drastic plan to abort the

Additional Credits

Producer: Eva Zurian, Olexandra Konoplya
Writer: Valeria Storchak
Editor: Arseny Bortnik
Composer: Petro Koval
Starring: Daria Tvoronovych, Slava Nikonorov

Film School

Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theater, Cinema and Television University

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