Well, You Are A Fool Lisa

Well, You Are A Fool Lisa

(21 mins, 49 Secs, Ukraine)


Oleksandra Konoplia


Lisa lives in a colourful yet indifferent world, and yet she
thinks she’s figured out what she wants. Her Rom-com
dream man Vadik. She imagines the perfect love story
between her and Vadik, but can she make it a reality?
When he invites her to a party it seems she might finally
get the boy of her daydreams. This is a nuanced and
energetic representation of a young girl growing up,
which is a refreshing is a refreshing watch.

Additional Credits

Producer: Oleksandra Konoplia
Writer: Oleksandra Konoplia
Starring: Yaroslava Shved

Film School

Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema, And Television University

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