I Call It Home

I Call It Home

Director’s Bio

Leila is an MA animation student at the University of Art in Tehran.  She has 10 years of experience as an animator and as a layout, conceptual and background artist. She has worked as layout supervisor in TV series (Pahlevanan), as an animator in several series and short films that received festival attention (The Little Boy, Dust Man) and as conceptual and background artist for the short film Eat Ate.

Leila Ahang

Tehran University of Art

Iran, 2020


This experimental animation expresses the inner conflict of a migrant as they try to adjust to a new place. The fish represents growth and development just like a baby develops in the womb. As it discovers a new world, it becomes a new-born baby. It struggles at first and finds it dark and frightening but after some time it feels tranquility and adapts to living in the outside world.


Director: Leila Ahang

Writer: Leila Ahang

Producers: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Tehran University of Art

Cast: Zainab Fathil Jabur

Editor: Leila Ahang

Music & Sound: Behrooz Shahamt

Compositor: Hamed Akrami

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “I Call It Home

  1. An experimental take on the turbulent action of moving place and finding a new home. The animation is beautifully done, with the fluid movements helping the film play out smoothly. Really well executed and is something to be proud of. Well done


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