Lost Ore Abdurrahim

Lost Ore Abdurrahim

Director’s Bio

Born in Istanbul in 1980, and a mother soon after her marriage at 19, Pınar has studied Radio and Television, as well as Public and International Relations, at the Distance Education Faculty of Anatolian University.

Pınar Yıldırım Karaman

Anatolian University

Turkey, 2020


We follow Abdurrahim Bilgili, a garbage collector and a man who wanted to be an ambassador. As a young man he failed to pass his qualifications, leading to breakdown and treatment in a mental hospital. Gradually he found a new purpose in life, collecting garbage as he lives alone in his field, which he calls ‘my paradise’. Abdurrahim’s ‘Lost Hours’, according to the title, offer insights into the nature of human existence showing how anybody can find happiness in simple things that make a small, but positive, difference to the world.


Director: Pınar Yıldırım Karaman

Producer: Cemil Nazli

Editors: Enes Aktas, Azimjon Rahimjanov

DoP: Beyzanur Yilmaz

Sound: Mukaddes Kanji

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8 thoughts on “Lost Ore Abdurrahim

  1. Toplum olarak bizim sorumsuzluğumuzu kendileri için yaşam olarak çaresizce öğrenip, kabul edip, mutlu olmaya mecbur olduğu için mutlu olan insanlar var.. Görüyoruz, ama görmemezlikten geliyoruz. Ve buz hala mutlu olamıyoruz..


  2. Elinize yüreğinize sağlık. Gerçek bir kayıba dikkat çekmişsiniz.
    Millet olarak benzer kayıplarımızı üst üste koysak milletimizin başı arşa değerdi.


  3. Çok dokunaklı ve sarsıcı bir hikâye, emeği geçen herkesin ellerine, emeklerine sağlık 👏


  4. From the first moment, as a viewer, you really get a sense of who this man is. As the film goes on, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the hopes and dreams he had as a young man, making the film more wistful. I think a little may have been lost in translation, but the notion of a man finding meaning in the little things is something to be admired, and has been captured beautifully by the filmmakers.


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