Rain Pot

Rain Pot

Director’s Bio

Gordon studied Art History at Brown University and Animation at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), United States. Having grown up fishing, hunting, and surfing on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, his work focuses on the artist’s relationship with nature’s enduring cycles. Son of a realist painter and pyromaniac potter, Gordon draws inspiration from family and local landscapes. He is also particularly fascinated by East Asian ceramics.

Gordon Moore

Rhode Island School of Design

United States, 2020


Is anything ever truly still? We are surrounded in our lives by constant action. The planet itself is constantly moving and upon its surface is a mass of untold stories. Just as the earth spins, so does the pot. The pottery is a poem for life in motion: the unintentional dance between harmony and dissonance. Blending animation with documentary imagery and a poetic spirit, Rain Pot transforms its ceramic pots into objects with soul, allowing them to undergo moments of chaos and moments of peace, just like animate beings. An elaborate play on the earliest known animations found on Persian pots.


Director: Gordon Moore

Producer: Gordon Moore

Writer: Gordon Moore

Editor: Gordon Moore

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One thought on “Rain Pot

  1. Love how so much kinetic energy is brought to what are often ultimately seen as stationary objects. Taking the camera so close to the pots as they move brings the world depicted on them to life. A more poetic and experimental documentary, the soundscape and visuals collaboratively take you into the natural and artistic landscape.


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