The Paper Bird Award and Jury

The Paper Bird Award and Jury

Paper Birds

Paper Bird Award Jury 2022

The bird is a symbol of Liverpool John Moores University and the City of Liverpool, whilst the material of paper reflects the academic context of the LJMU MA Short Film Festival. The symbol of Liverpool is the liver bird, a mythical creature:

“According to popular legend, they are a male and female pair: the female looking out to sea, watching for the seamen to return safely home, and the male looking in to the city, watching over the seamen’s families (or “making sure the pubs are open”, as a jocular version has it). Local legend also holds that the birds face away from each other, for if they were to mate and fly away, the city would cease to exist.”



We are proud to present the Paper Bird Awards in the following categories: Best Fiction, Best Animation, Best Documentary, and Audience Award.

Best Fiction

Well, You Are A Fool Lisa by Oleksandra Konoplia

Honourable mention: Traffic Lights by Islom Rustam O’g’li Riskulov

Best Animation

The Pattern by Péter Bogyó

Honourable mention: Reduction by Réka Anna Szakály and Subway by Robert Kuźniewski

Best Documentary

Milo by Nadia Szymańska

Honourable mention: Behind the Jugular by Zoë Armit

Audience Award

The festival audience also decided to give the Paper Bird Audience Award 2022 to 13 Hertz, directed by Filipa Neves and Rudi Navarro. Congratulations!

You can watch the awards ceremony here:

Information about the 2021 winners can be found in our archive.



picture of documentary juror Arlin Golden

Arlin Golden

Arlin Golden is an all-around documentary professional living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area as a film director, producer, distributor, programmer, festival director, exhibitor, critic, and movie rental delivery guy. He is co-director of Video Project, an impact-oriented distributor of documentary films, as well as director and programmer of Drunken Film Fest Oakland, a free event bringing world-class films into the democratized social space of local bars.  He received his BA in film studies from UC Santa Barbara, and has collaborated with filmmaker Brian Gersten as a producer on a number of his previous shorts. His first short documentary as director, Back Yard, screened in 2020-21 at such fests as Ann Arbor, Sheffield, and the inaugural Prismatic Ground.

Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore grew up fishing, hunting, and surfing on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off Massachusetts, USA. His work focuses on the quiet moments he has observed in nature. Son of a realist painter and pyromaniac potter, Gordon draws inspiration from family, local landscapes, and his studies in art history at Brown University and animation at the Rhode Island School of Design. Gordon’s passion lies with fine art and object-making. He now works full time as a ceramicist in Brooklyn.

Faye Moffitt

Faye Moffitt is a third year Film Studies student with a keen interest in Classical Hollywood and world cinema. In 2017, she was selected to work as a runner on the Lancashire set of Jo Brand’s The More You Ignore Me, directed by Keith English. She is particularly interested in editing, screenwriting and criticism and plans to pursue these passions with a Master’s following graduation.


Lydia Beilby

Lydia Beilby is an artist, curator and educator whose practice focuses on analogue film media, public programming, collaborative community projects, and educational work with groups of all ages. 

As a curator, Lydia has held roles with Edinburgh International Film Festival since 2009, taking the role of Short Film Programmer in 2010, and since 2019 as programmer of the prestigious Black Box strand, which brings together short and feature-length experimental and artists’  film from around the world. Lydia has been an awarding jury member for International film festivals in Uppsala, Krakow, Vienna, Montreal and Kosovo, amongst others, has participated in the selection panel for BAFTA Scotland, and is a Board Member for Alchemy Film & Arts. 

Karol Ulman

Karol Ulman was born in 1998 in Katowice. Karol worked as an editor on many TV news and documentary programs before achieving a masters degree at Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School. His film “End of the World” has screened at many festivals all around the world. During the New Horizons Film Festival he was awarded the Zuzanna Jagoda Kolska Prize for the youngest director. He was also awarded the Paper Bird Award for best fiction at the 1st LJMU MA Short Film Festival. 

Aidan Walsh

Aidan Walsh is a third year Film Studies Student at LJMU with a passion for directing and film criticism. In 2021 he was selected to represent the United Kingdom on the panel of the European University Film Awards and was president of the LJMU Film Society. He has a keen interest in foreign language films especially those from South East Asia. Aidan is also interested in Japanese culture, animation and novels.


Michael Pattison

Michael Pattison is a critic and curator from Gateshead, Northeast England, and lives in Hawick, Scotland, where he is also a Director of Alchemy Film & Arts. He has served on juries at many international film festivals and his criticism has been published widely.

Instagram: @joblard /@alchemyfilmandarts

Twitter: @alchemyfilmarts

Kasia Orłowska

Katarzyna Orłowska is a third-year animation student at the University of the Arts in Poznań. She is mainly interested in traditional animation, but she also has explored other techniques including stop-motion animation and projection mapping. During her studies, she created several film etudes focusing mainly on psychological and philosophical topics. Her film Blue Monday won the Paper Bird Award for Best Animation in 2021 and was selected at various international festivals such as Monstra and Anifilm.