Paper Bird Awards

Congratulations to the Paper Bird Award winners!

FictionEnd of the WorldKarol Ulman
AnimationBlue MondayKatarzyna Orłowska
DocumentaryRain PotGordon Moore
2021 Winners

Highlights of the ceremony:

Award Ceremony – Highlights
Jury statements

Fiction: “An introspective view into the concept of mortality and the relationships formed through loss. The film is at once concrete and abstract. A maturely charged script convincingly carrying the weight of universal questions. The secluded setting lends itself perfectly to the often-isolating feeling of grief, highlighting loss as one of the few things that connects people of all ages. An intriguing narrative carried confidently by two mesmerising performances. Creative filmmaking, captivating cinematography and a joy to watch.

Animation: “The artistry of this film is apparent from its opening frame, with the meticulous use of oil paint creating a beautifully haunting image of contemporary society. Each carefully placed brush stroke lends itself to the monotonous rhythm of daily life, but the fluidity of colour, texture and movement allows us to break free of this cycle, with seamless transitions from the overwhelming pressures of modern life to the freedom of the natural world reflecting an innate desire for escape. Despite its short duration, this film leaves you contemplating your own perceptions of life and freedom, proving the impact this animation has both as a film, and a piece of art.

Documentary: “Rain Pot is a beautifully crafted documentary. The film’s exquisite cinematography and atmospheric sound design perfectly capture the artistry of the ceramicist. Moore has created an eloquent audio-visual poem, that is both enticing and evocative.

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