Loving the New Poster for 2022!

As we mentioned in a previous post, we are over the moon with the design for this year’s official festival poster! This was put together by MA student Alejandra C, who also put together the banner and instagram image that went up last week. Like with the banner, Alejandra worked with fellow MA Film student Natalie A. to come up with the overall concept and then created the poster itself in Adobe Illustrator.

This poster was a combination of Alejandra’s and Natalie’s original concepts, which were submitted and voted on by the rest of the MA Film students. While Alejandra’s idea to create shadowpuppet birds with hands, carrying over from the feather theme used in 2021, was the favourite, Natalie’s own concept of using iconic Liverpool imagery was a close second.

The two worked together with Lydia and Jacqui and came up with a way to combine both concepts into one cohesive design. It’s proven to be extremely versatile, eye-catching, and unique. We think it’s fabulous!

What do you think of this year’s poster design? Tell us in the comments!

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