Festival Closed: Audience Award Goes To…

It’s been an amazing week at the 2nd LJMU MA Film Festival that saw over 16,000 visits to our website to watch all our amazing films, participate in our live Q&A sessions, and attend our award ceremony.

We can’t thank you all enough for making the festival so successful and we can not emphasise enough what it means to the filmmakers to have their work viewed by audiences from quite literally around the world – those 16k views came from 45 different countries!

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And of course those visitors were also voting for their favourite film! We used a website called crowdsignal to help us track the votes and this allowed us to do something very important in the interests of fairness – we could compare number of votes to number of individual voters through IP address.

As we stated on the website, films should only have been voted for once. We know how exciting it is and how much people want to support these filmmakers but we’ve taken the decision to count only one vote per voter. So with that in mind, the winner is…

13 Hertz! With an astounding 300 individual votes, 13 Hertz is the clear audience favourite and it’s no surprise. A visually stunning and emotive piece, told almost entirely through imagery, 13 Hertz uses mise-en-scène and editing with sophisticated intensity.

Thank you again to our filmmakers and audience and a special thank you from Jacqui & Lydia to the MA Film students for doing such a fabulous job! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

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