(10 mins, 56 Secs, hungary)


Réka Anna Szakály

Réka Anna Szakály is a Hungarian filmmaker and production designer based in Budapest. She obtained her masters degree in Animation at the Moholy-Nagy University in 2020. Reduction (2021) has been screened at more than 40 international festivals and has been selected for the
BAFTA students award shortlist.


Inspired by a factory town populated by abandoned buildings, Reduction is a post-apocalyptic world where two friends dream of The Other Side – a seemingly beautiful and peaceful island that exists worlds away from the hardship and strife they know. However, when one friend becomes enamoured with a strange yet familiar creature, the bond between two friends is broken and only a dream remains.

Additional Credits

József Fülöp Producer

Zsófi Ruttkay Script adviser

Anna Tőkés Production manager

Chris Allan Tod Music & Sound

Boglárka Ászity Background Design

Hanna Carlson Composit

Vanda Gorácz Editor

Film School

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

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