13 Hertz

13 Hertz

(4 mins 40 secs, Portugal)


Filipa Neves and Rudi Navarro


The human body is composed of multi-dimensional cells that vibrate and emit sounds. 13 Hertz invites us into a thrilling spectacle of anxiety as a disorder of the human nervous system. Enhanced by its unique sound design utilising low frequencies in combination with hallucinogenic visuals, 13 Hertz is very much a sensory watch. It is an expressive experimental film that mirrors the physical and emotional effects of anxiety.

Additional Credits

Writer: Filipa Neves, Rudi Navarro
Editor: Diogo Novo, Rudi Navarro
Sound Design: Marlon Gouveia
Starring: Filipa Neves

Film School

IPCI Porto

11 thoughts on “13 Hertz

    1. It is an uncomfortable watch but that is what makes it so powerful – very impressive DOP work and lighting which draws in the French surrealist movement, the images and feelings and sensorial experience stay with you long after you’ve watche dit.

  1. Muito giro, não é qualquer um que percebe.. já estou habituado o meu filho faz teatro alternativo,,
    O nome dele é Bernardo Chatillon.. abraço

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