(15 mins, Iran)


Hasan Najmabadi

Hasan Najmabadi, Iranian director, was born 1993 in Sabzevar. He started making films at the age of 18 by making short films. He has made 14 short films and documentaries. The most important of which are the short films “Peace”, “Ant”, “Copper Wire”, “77 Years of Solitude”, “Red Season”, “Into The Rainbow” and “White Season”.


In an Iranian town, a group of young boys run spend their extra earnings by buying DVDs from the salesman that visits them each week. The boys always discuss which famous film they are going to watch, not always agreeing. They begin to work together for a bigger purpose that involves watching a movie in a different way that connects them in an sensitive intercultural journey through the history of film.

Additional Credits

Writer: Hasan Najmabadi
Editor: Peyman Shahmohamadi
Sound Design: Morteza Azimi, Peyman Shahmohamadi
Starring: Mahdi Gholizadeh, Ebrahim Najmabadi
Director of Photography: Erfan Ehteshami
Photographer: Mohadeseh Mohammadi
Programmer: Amin Savarizadeh

Film School

Soore Cinema University

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