(14 mins, 36 Secs, slovenia)


Lana Bregar

Lana Bregar

Lana Bregar was born in 1998 and studied
photography at the Secondary School for Design
and Photography in Ljubljana. Upon pursuing a
career in film, with the desire to tell stories with a
more unified and whole feel, her education
continued, and she had completed her studies in
film and television directing at the Academy of
Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television. Her credits
include, I See in the Dark, Soil Stories and Otava.


Loti is a young girl who has come to terms with her
loss. She returns to helping her grandmother on the
farm. This story portrays the importance of sharing one’s
grief with those close to you. Through this practice, Loti
learns that by expressing her feelings with her
grandmother she no longer feels alone in her emotional
struggle. The films sound design takes precedence
throughout, with its ability to develop both a realistic and
lived in atmosphere, allowing the viewer to immerse
themselves within the film’s narrative.

Additional Credits

Producer: Nina Robnic
Writer: Lana Bregar
Editor: Patrik Krajnc
Composer(s): Simon Pensek, Alenja Pivko Knezevic
Starring: Draga Potočnjak, Tara Krvina

Film School

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

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