The Last Film Before the End of the World

The Last Film Before the end of the world

(18 mins, 30 Secs, poland)


Agnieszka Kalińska


Secluded away in an abandoned cinema to avoid the
world ending, Dominika meets Wanda who avoids the
chaos of the streets below. While watching one last film before the end of the world, a conversation questions the perspective of their final moments and asks will what matter today, matter tomorrow? Would you meet the end with no regrets or would you wish that there was one more day?

Additional Credits

Producer: Zofia Rodak
Writer: Agnieszka Kalińska, Ola Hulboj
Cinematographer: Paulina Kowol Editor: Zuzanna Matusik
Composer: Aleksandra Ziob
Starring: Helena Urbanska, Klaudia Janas

Film School

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