Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

(13 mins, 13 Secs, Uzbekistan)


Islom Rustam o’g’li Riskulov


Traffic Lights is a story of two boys earning their money
cleaning car headlights or selling toiletries to those
stopped at red traffic lights. The following days, another
boy outside their pair had started stealing their custom
away. The boys were determined to earn as much as they
could in order to survive on the streets

Additional Credits

Producer: Jakhongir Rahim o’g’li Karimov
Writer: Shokhjahon Subkhonov
Editor: Jahangir Ubbiniyazov
Composer:Toir Kyziev
Starring: Umarjon G’ofurov, Muslima Mahmudova,
Muhammadamin Mamurjonov

Film School

Uzbekistan state insitute of arts and culture

One thought on “Traffic Lights

  1. This is powerful watch with some extraordinary performances from child actors which combines lyricism with a political punch which highlights child neglect and poverty – despite the subject was it very uplifting and humanity and love shine through.


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