And Then I Met Erich

And Then I Met Erich

Director’s Bio

After a career in Visual Communication, two years ago Sorina decided to shift gears and undertake an MA in Directing Documentary at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) UK. She discovered that her strength lies in self-shooting and seeking out idiosyncratic characters whilst developing intimate and aesthetically charged stories. In her movies, she explores injustice, loss and loneliness whilst looking out for the resilience, humour and hope in her characters and topics.

Sorina Reiber

National Film and Television School

UK, 2020


A journey that takes an unexpected turn. Intriguing stories and eccentric people. Travel to Copșa Mică in Transylvania, Romania, once considered the most polluted place in Europe, and watch as an unlikely relationship forms between the filmmaker and the last Transylvanian Saxon in the village. A story about the search for the past, identity, trauma and resilience with charming humour provided by the bold personalities. A unique peek into life hidden from the world with surprises about family and the past.


Director: Sorina Reiber

Producer: Sorina Reiber

Editor: Raluca Petre

Composer: Madison Willing

Sound Designer: Miles Sullivan

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2 thoughts on “And Then I Met Erich

  1. Such an amazingly personal, funny, charming and emotional piece. Beautifully made and directed with great characters! Love Erich!

  2. A somewhat intimate look into the filmmakers journey to find out more about her heritage and family history. An eccentric character, Erich is a great focus for the documentary. A great watch, and interesting to learn of the pollution issues in this particular town in Romania.

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