Between Mountains and Mermaids

Between Mountains and Mermaids

Director’s Bio

Bo is studying at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark, working closely with Copenhagen-based producer Theo Baunsgaard. He discovered his passion for filmmaking at an early age after he got his first DSLR Camera. Since then, he has directed and produced multiple short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Bo Clausen

European Film College

Denmark, 2020


Take the plunge into the life of Tolga Taskin, who dreams of becoming a world record holder in freediving, all the while having battles both in and out of the icy waters. We follow his trials and tribulations, and what he endures to get him one step closer to his goal. Stunning cinematography and an inspiring story show that with enough time, passion, dedication and reggae music, anything can be possible.


Director: Bo Clausen

Producers: Theo Baunsgaard, Bo Clausen, Josephine Neckelmann

Editors: Theo Baunsgaard, Bo Clausen

DoP: Theo Baunsgaard

Sound Designer: Frederik Bygballe Haahr

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One thought on “Between Mountains and Mermaids

  1. For such an extreme feat, the atmosphere of this film is so mellow and relaxed which balances the action well. Perhaps the mood created by the chilled music and natural aesthetic is reflective of the mindset that Tolga strives for before a dive. An interesting watch which lifts the spirits by exhibiting possibility and human achievement.

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