Blue Monday

Blue Monday


Director’s Bio

Katarzyna was born in 2000 in Gdańsk, Poland. Her interest in art started in childhood, but she has been associated with animation since 2019, when she began studying at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. There, she created several short film studies in various techniques.

Katarzyna Orłowska

University of Fine Arts in Poznań

Poland, 2020


This short animation makes ingenious use of paints to bring to life a distinct and unique outlook on the notion of a ‘Blue Monday.’ As the festivities of the weekend come to a conclusion, the struggle between work and humanity is expressed through stunning visual transfigurations. Floods of people commuting to work become waves rolling into the shoreline. Men and women reflect the ripples of the ocean crashing onto the shore as a dejected woman looks to break the mould of modern working society.


Director: Katarzyna Orłowska

Producer: University of the Arts Poznan

Composer: Kacper Krupa

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One thought on “Blue Monday

  1. An astounding method of animation. Such a beautiful result, and worth all the effort put into it! Well done


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