Director’s Bio

Born in 1990, Antonio started producing short films with his friend as part of a group filmmaking initiative in 2011. In 2018 and 2019 he obtained scholarships for Filmmaking courses at the Escola Superior de Cinema I Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC). He has made many short films including Ex-Humation, and a feature film.

Antonio Galarzo

Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia

Spain, 2019


The pain of losing someone should be the only grievance when moving on with life. Unfortunately, an ageing and ill man does not anticipate further fiscal impact after his wife’s death. With his financial situation he is driven to desperation in his struggle to maintain and preserve his wife’s wishes. Combining dark comedy and desolate drama, the film touches on loss, the financial consequences of death, and what remains of those in mourning.


Director: Antonio Galarzo

Producer: Laura Rodriruez, Jordi Huguet

Writer: Antonio Galarzo

Cast: Jaume de Sans

DoP: Jose A. Camacho

Editor: Antonio Galarzo

Sound Director: Dennis Gleiss

Sound Design: Ines Medina-Fdez

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One thought on “Ex-Humation

  1. Whilst dealing with more sorrowful subject matter, the filmmakers brilliantly capture the desperation of the lead character and the lengths he will go to when his love’s peaceful rest is threatened. Feelings of injustice will inevitably be evoked in an audience. In a world where money takes precedence, the gentleman’s unwavering love for his wife is evident, albeit shown through a darker lens.

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