Director’s Bio

Rayna is currently completing her BFA in Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Having grown up surrounded by plants and wildlife, she enjoys incorporating natural themes into her art and creating fantastical creatures and characters. She wants to show that the world is filled with magic and mystery, even in places and things that we have grown to consider mundane.

Rayna Buxton


United States, 2021


In this 2D cut-out animation we follow a day in the life of Ori, the eternally vexed caretaker to a living lighthouse. With his faithful companion Clam in tow, he tends to his everyday responsibilities and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. That is, until the lights go out. Enter a world made of whimsy and wonder, where flying fish are better caught with butterfly nets and mermaids have more in common with cats than expected, and the sea stows away secrets yet to be uncovered. Will Ori find his light, or will his livelihood be spent?


Director: Rayna Buxton

Producer: Rayna Buxton

Writer: Rayna Buxton

Composer: Tiffany Román Louk

Sound Design: Rayna Buxton

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

One thought on “Fáros

  1. Such a creative film. The animation and narrative are both equally creative and quirky, and so work really well in relation to one another. The hard work of animation has paid off, well done!


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