Mom, Dad and I

Mom, Dad and I

Director’s Bio

Anastasia is an animation student at HSE Art and Design School, Moscow, Russia. Mom, Dad and I is her first film as director and animator. Anastasia wants to tell stories about people and their relationships with the world and themselves. True mutual understanding of people is subtle and elusive, and Anastasia is exploring ways to show it.

Anastasia Savkina

HSE Art and Design School

Russian Federation, 2020


After his parents’ divorce, a young boy has to deal with the challenges of a strained relationship with his father. A visit to his house leaves the boy feeling out of place, but he finds solace in the magic he creates. The film’s use of contrasting warm and cold colours adds a refreshing dimension to a common contemporary issue. Its unique chalkboard-style animation welcomes us into a beautiful, emotional tale that tugs at the imagination and brings an element of comfort into a complex family dynamic.


Director & Animator: Anastasia Savkina

Producers: Igor Kovalyov

Writer: Anastasia Savkina

Sound: Rim Arifullin, Rostislav Andrushchak, Mikhail Malyarenko

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One thought on “Mom, Dad and I

  1. A beautiful illustration of a parted family. The use of colour and varying levels of warmth really help to communicate the ideas of comfort and familiarity juxtaposed with the unsettling feelings of a new and strange environment. This animation would, perhaps, transcend age and be comforting for those going through the same experiences as a child. Well done!

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