Mother I Am

Mother I Am


Director’s Bio

Born in 1972, Efemia is a graduate of an MA in Film and Television Directing at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia. She currently works as a lawyer and is married with three children.

Efemia Fard

New Bulgarian University

Bulgaria, 2016


Katya, a singer from the Pernik, Bulgaria, shares some disturbing stories from her family life and her turbulent career after the fall of communism.  Through extended interviews the film highlights a number of social issues and offers insights into the struggles faced by those dealing with severe domestic violence.


Director: Efemia Fard

Producer: Arash Fard

Writer: Efemia Fard

Camera: Velein Hristov, Stefan Boyadzhiev, Deyan Georgiev

Editor:  Stefan Boyadzhiev

Sound: Ivan Andreev

Composer:  Maria Kaufman

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One thought on “Mother I Am

  1. An insightful and harrowing documentary focussing on a mother’s plight for her child. The story is told well through Katya, and the filmmaker did well to capture such emotive and raw interviews.

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