Obor City Stories

Obor City Stories

Director’s Bio

Born in 1997, Ada is a graduate of the National University of Film and Theatre Studies (UNATC I.L. Caragiale) in Bucharest, where she is currently completing an MA in film directing. A recurring theme in her fiction films is the nature of romantic relationships which she wishes to continue exploring in the future. Obor City Stories is her only documentary so far.

Ada Gabor

UNATC I.L. Caragiale

Romania, 2019


Dusk to dawn in the biggest farmer’s market in Bucharest, Romania. Meet the characters and hear the unique stories of the people working and even living there. Travel somewhere you would never think to go and listen in on conversations of people you would never normally meet. Witness the charming community spirit and listen to the laughter of lifelong friends. Hear the filmmakers interact with the people they meet, revealing spontaneous, humorous and affectionate moments of connection. Learn the secrets of the market and come away with a renewed sense of humanity.


Director: Ada Gabor

DoP: Octavian Budisteanu

Writer: Ada Gabor

Editor: Tijana Marjanović

Composer: Tijana Marjanović

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Obor City Stories

  1. Amazing insight into a world I would have never visited! Charming characters and conversations that don’t focus on the boring mundane and more focused on the fun parts of their lives. Amazingly made with a great narrative and cinematic skills. Thank you for allowing us to meet these characters!


  2. An honest and intriguing look at the market and its staff. There is such a wide variety of characters who come together everyday, those who strive for more and those who are content with their little market stall. Such an insightful and sometimes funny documentary which shines a light on this charismatic community.


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