One More Please

One More Please


Director’s Bio

Currently working on his MFA in Cinema Directing at Columbia University in Chicago, Aleksei is originally from Russia where he worked for over 15 years on regional and national television. Aleksei received a Diploma in film directing from Moscow Film School in 2016.

Aleksei Borovikov

Columbia College Chicago

United States, 2020


Love, compassion, isolation, and friendship are all explored in this story, as well as how one small act of kindness can save a soul. A lonely man starts a drinking game with a handsome stranger on Valentine’s night. Will this lead to the perfect moment or a missed opportunity? A heart-warming LGBT story about making real-world connections.


Director: Aleksei Borovikov

Producer: Aleksei Borovikov and Dwight Dawson

Writer: Aleksei Borovikov

DoP: John Chu

Editor: Nate Junkroski

Composer: Johnny MacMillan

Sound Designers: Vito Di Beasi, Aiden S. Cramer

Cast: Jack Posey, Sam Douglas, Lani Stait, Amber Christina

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One thought on “One More Please

  1. Such a simple idea executed really well. The atmosphere felt between the two characters is communicated well and, as mentioned in the Fiction strand Q&A, it is refreshing to see an LGBTQ story end on a positive note. The absence of dialogue suits the narrative well and the theme of unspoken feelings.

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