Scream for Ice

Scream for Ice

Director’s Bio

Born in 1984, Emir recently completed postgraduate study at Maltepe University (Turkey) having previously completed an MA in Directing from the University of Westmister, London. Between 2013 and 2017 he co-founded and directed the 8Buçuk Advertising and Digital PR Agency, and has recently taken part as jury member and instructor at film festivals, film forums and film project support funds.

Emir Aytemür

Maltepe University

Turkey, 2021


Based on the form of the traditional Japanese art of Haiku poetry, Scream for Ice addresses the unsettling reality of global warming. From the very beginning, we are confronted with the abuse of non-renewable energy as a man desperately attempts to stay cool in the combusting city, while a polar bear becomes stranded as a glacier falls apart. Clever narrative transitions subvert our perception of the world, bringing us closer to a reality behind the surface and delivering an urgent message about the state of the planet.


Director: Emir Aytemür

Producer: Emir Aytemür

Creative Producer: Özge Uyar Okay

Writer: Emir Aytemür

Animation: Motionmatik

Director of Animation: Efe Okay

Illustrator: Kutay Can Doğan

Sound Designer: Burak Çambel

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2 thoughts on “Scream for Ice

  1. An extremely clever approach to filmmaking in the sense that the structure of the film is reflective of the structure of the haiku the film is based on. The professionalism of the animation was amazing and the message the film conveys is one of extreme importance in the modern day world. The harrowing plight of the polar bear is juxtaposed with the insignificance of the child losing his ice-cream. Our human ability to change the temperature of our settings at will is explicitly exposed as being taken advantage of in this animation. An important watch.

  2. Powerful message with sharp, distinctive animation. Some beautifully observed details like the particles of light radiating from the mobile phone and the birds eye view of the bear of the melting ice berg.

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