Director’s Bio

A visual artist with experience in animation and illustration, Ramon began his career in 2007 with an internship at the Art Department of the television channel Rede Globo, where he continued to work for ten years. In 2017 he started a Master’s degree in Film Production at Full Sail University, USA. During this time Ramon made a number of animated short films, which have been shown in more than 50 festivals, including in Brazil, Norway, Greece, Mozambique, USA, and Portugal.

Ramon Faria

Full Sail University, USA

Brazil, 2018


A little robot follows a monotonous routine. One day he looks outside his window, sees a little bird fly by and wishes to escape from the two rooms he is confined in. The sound design wonderfully enhances the atmosphere.


Director: Ramon Faria

Music: João Carvalho

Production Designers: Camila Mezzetti, Ramon Faria

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2 thoughts on “SERF

  1. A heartwarming tale of a little robot wanting to live outside of his confined existence. A sad, heartbreaking result, but I loved the film nonetheless. Love the animation style as well. Well done!

  2. This film is amazing, i have watched it several times and i never get bored of it. The storyline really impacts the audience and the sound effects make the atmosphere of the film that more inviting. Great job!!

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