Story of a Beginning

Story of a Beginning

Director’s Bio

Born and brought up in Kerala, India, Balaram pursued Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. In his films, he explores his political beliefs and philosophical ideas and wishes to discover the unexplored capacities of storytelling. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Director and Pre-Production Artist in feature films and advertisements while developing stories for his next filmmaking adventures.

Balaram J

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

India, 2020


Three children go on a journey to discover the origin of a stream of water. Each child has their own separate belief and each of them will be tested in their adventure as they learn about universal conflict and understanding the importance of accepting different beliefs. We follow each child’s emotional journey as they travel up the river in search of an answer.


Director & Animator: Balaram J

Music: Sreerag Saji

Sound Design: Renganaath Ravee

Compositing: Jeroy Joseph

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One thought on “Story of a Beginning

  1. Beautifully animated. A story of a childhood journey with a humble message of tolerance and acceptance told through the three children.

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