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Jayabrata is a graduate of the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. He has worked on commercials for companies including Audi, Puma and BMW. Together with his partners Manab Saha, Arnab Laha and Banibrata Adak he founded the production company Cinenic in Kolkata, with which they made Termites. The team are currently producing their first feature film.

Jayabrata Das

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

India, 2020


Made in 50 hours as part of the Indian Film Project, Termites tells the story of an unnamed commandant whose friendship with a teenage girl is put to the test, leading to dangerous consequences for both of them. Set against a backdrop of war and tyranny, where art in all forms is prohibited, the film champions perseverance and the innate need for expression through art. Its visual style is rich and its tone uncompromising. 


Director: Jayabrata Das

Producer: Cinenic and Manab Saha

Writer: Jayabrata Das and Banibrata Adak

Cast: Raja Chakraborty, Mouli Saha, Debaditya Naha, Manab Saha

Cinematography: Arnab Laha

Editor: Soumo Mahindar

Sound Designer: Kinkini Deb

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One thought on “Termites

  1. Themes of repression and government control are often subduing and upsetting, and this film isn’t without its sadder moments. However, the overall message communicated is one of hope and power amongst the people. The production value is fantastic. Really enjoyed, well done to everyone involved.

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