The Endless Circle

The Endless Circle

Director’s Bio

Arunav is a student of English Literature at the University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh. He has diverse artistic and creative interests, including writing and translating literature.

Arunav Belayy

University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, 2020


This documentary brings to light the anti-rape struggle in Bangladesh, a struggle that has gone under the radar in media coverage. Following the stories of mothers, daughters and sisters, we are reminded of the urgency to help find solutions for a problem that plagues women worldwide.


Director: Arunav Belayy

Producer: Das & Roy

Cinematographer: Arunav Belayy, Shuvro Shishir

Editing: Shuvro Shishir

Cast: Tanzila Toma

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Endless Circle

  1. A very important and aesthetically successful documentation of past-year’s cultural and political upheaval against the culture and politics of rape in Bangladesh. Congratulations, Arunav and team!


  2. This documentary brings to light the devastating universality of rape culture. Shining a light on the voices of women, the filmmaker does a great job in capturing the outrage of those living in Bangladesh and reinforces the importance of listening to the voice of the people. The black and white aesthetic complements the sombre subject matter and allows for viewer attention to be drawn to the words of those fighting for justice and equality.


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