The Last Fisherman

The Last Fisherman

Director’s Bio

Yusen is completing his undergraduate studies at Shanghai Normal University, majoring in Radio and TV Editing. His first documentary The Last Fisherman has won three awards in China. He is currently involved in different capacities, with the production of a reality TV called Theatre for Living.

Yusen Wang

Shanghai Normal University

China, 2017


Follow Libao Wang, the village’s last singing fisherman. Libao tells us his story including his family’s financial problems and his disapproval of modern fishing techniques. Craft turned art, his fishing methods are seen as outdated and inefficient, but his singing skills have turned him into his village’s only tourist attraction. The film takes us into one of China’s forgotten villages and makes us savour the simplicity of fishing and its history.


Director: Wang Yusen

Producers: Zhao Bingxiang, Zhou Li, Wang Ping, Wang Xiangyu

Screenwriter: Liu Pintong

Cinematography: Yu Yanyan, Liu Pintong, Wang Yusen

Editors: Yu Yanyan, Wang Yusen

Music: Zhou Zhihau, Fog, Headstream

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One thought on “The Last Fisherman

  1. Such an interesting look at Libao Wang, his passion for fishing and his endeavours to try and keep this old style of fishing alive in the interests of conservation and future generations. An interesting character, you really get a sense of his generosity and selflessness when it comes to his community. Lovely visuals and a charming soundtrack to assist with storytelling.


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