The Quiet

The Quiet

Director’s Bio

Based in Perth, Australia and born in Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean, Japanese, Indian and Malaysian ancestry, Radheya Jegatheva is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce and Arts degree from Curtin University, Western Australia. His films have been selected to Academy Award Qualifying Festivals and his 2017 film iRony was nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema & TV Arts (AACTA) Award.

Radheya Jegatheva

Curtin University, Perth

Australia, 2019


An astronaut takes a moment to reflect on the diverging paths of his and his twin brother’s lives. While he admired the diamonds of the sky, his brother found an unfortunate interest in those possessed by others. Through mesmerising computer-generated visuals and simple yet effective sound design we are immersed into a galaxy of reflection and heartbreak, captivated right until the striking conclusion.


Director: Radheya Jegatheva

Producers: Jay Jay Jegathesan, Radheya Jegatheva

Writers: Radheya Jegatheva, Jay Jay Jegathesan

Editor: Radheya Jegatheva

Composer: Radheya Jegatheva

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One thought on “The Quiet

  1. Such an engaging and captivating style of animation. Fluid movements and a well composed soundscape fully involve you in the story, and an interesting narrative makes for an enjoyable watch. Loved the drawn-on style of animation too.

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