Director’s Bio

Born and raised in France, Laury moved to England to follow a postgraduate filmmaking course at the Northern Film School, Leeds Beckett University. Trashbag has been shown in many festivals, including the Manchester, Kerry and Guacamole film festivals.

Laury Herubel

Northern Film School

UK, 2018


Based on true events, Trashbag follows a young orphan boy who is desperate to find his forever family. Just as he thinks he has found a home he is sent away once again.  The film offers poignant insights of what it is like to be sent from one place to another trying to find one’s place in the world and highlights the impact our choices have on others.


Director: Laury Herubel

Producer: Stefan Wink

Writer: Laury Herubel

DoP: Frank Twum

Editor: Gian Piero Pottieri

Composer: Gareth Foy

Sound Designer: Massimiliano Borghesi

Cast: Jake Hayes, Fiona Egan, Lauren Dickinson.

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

One thought on “Trashbag

  1. A wonderful way of highlighting the often dystopian and emotionless way children are adopted in some countries. The parade/pageant scene is unsettling as the children are paraded as if commodities, and executed well by the filmmaker. The film as a whole was enjoyable and had a coherent and consistent atmosphere throughout.

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