Director’s Bio

Tobias is a director, and media designer based in a tiny Swabian village right in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany. He is developing his craft as a filmmaker while studying Media Design at the DHBW Ravensburg.

Tobias Gaiser

DHBW Ravensburg

Germany, 2020


The world of a young huntress is shaken up when she is confronted with a moral dilemma. Two men having an intense argument in the middle of the forest: what should she do? Alone and surrounded by nature, she watches intently as the situation escalates. The use of long takes, and placement of the camera right on the fringe of action manages to create tense atmosphere throughout, leaving the viewer at the edge of our seats. The title of the film, Waidmannsheil, is a traditional German word one says after a successful hunt. 


Director: Tobias Gaiser

Producer: Sarah Schöllhorn

Writer: Tobias Gaiser

Editor: Lauritz Baier

DoP: Lauritz Baier

Sound Design: Lucienne Kunz, Sarah Schöllhorn

Cast: Michaela Lenhart, Fynn Engelkes, Jonathan Bruckmeier.

We hope you enjoyed the film. Please leave a message below to share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Waidmannsheil

  1. Having seen a lot of movies and films throughout my life, I can say that actors, story, camera and sound convey an oppressive atmosphere in the best possible way. I was really thrilled about what’s coming next. West I liked most, is the slow moving camera in contrast to the more and more escalating situation. Good job by everybody involved.

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  2. My husband was so excited That we watched the Film a second time together. I can only agree:
    Interesting perspective increases tension more and more. Good Story with a surprising end. Title Matches also very Good. So „Waidmannsdank“ to the whole Team for Sharing this Film With us.

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  3. Fand die Perspektive aus dem Hochsitz heraus äußerst faszinierend, diese Fokussierung ohne Schwenks und Schnitt. Ebenso den Nichttext der Jägerin. Auch das doch überraschende Finale war gelungen.


  4. Fand die Perspektive aus dem Hochsitz heraus ausserst gelungen, ohne Schwenks und Schnitt.
    Auch der Nichttext der Jägerin fand ich aussagekräftig. Das überraschende Ende gefiel mir sehr. Gut gelungen.


  5. The use of the single static camera is extremely powerful in limiting viewer exposition and heightening tension. Keeping with limited exposition, not revealing what is in the bag is another effective technique in piquing spectator attention and interest. Production value is fantastic. Minimal narrative/idea executed well.


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