Winter Memories

Winter Memories


Director’s Bio

Born in 1989, Zahra is an Iranian filmmaker, storyboard artist and designer. She completed her education at the University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts and won numerous awards as a student. Zahra began her career in animation with two shorts and was involved in some animated TV series, while also working with storyboard artists and character designers.

Zahra Kababian

University of Tehran

Iran, 2020


A woman attempts to hold together memories of her childhood, but they seem to slip through her fingers as her mind continues to fail her. The only constant in her life is a shawl she made for her father as he left for the war. As she knits, the thread runs through her past and her present, connecting the missing pieces of her grief and weaving a tale of love and belonging. The effects of war are tangible in the minds of those left behind.


Directors: Zahra Kababian, Amir Mahdi Safdari

Producers: Maryam Kashkoolinia, Amir Hossein Salehi

Writers: Zahra Kababian, Amir Mahdi Safdari

Music & Sound: Farhad Saffar

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2 thoughts on “Winter Memories

  1. The ‘sketchiness’ of the animation brought real depth and energy to the film, and gave character to both the people and the location. The poignancy of the story was well matched with the string soundtrack. Overall a lovely film.

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