You’re Not Bloody Useless

You’re Not Bloody Useless

Director’s Bio

Aleksander graduated in 2020 from Talentskolen in Næstved, Denmark after 3 years of study.

Alexander Pearson

Talentskolen in Næstved

Denmark, 2020


Delve into the life of the director’s father and the struggles that he had at the whim of his own abusive father – the director’s grandfather. This simply shot documentary encourages reverence for the man who faced much hardship and shows that a parent’s influence on their children does not set them up inevitably for failure; it’s their own choices that can define who they are. 


Director: Alexander Pearson

Composer: Kai Engel

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2 thoughts on “You’re Not Bloody Useless

  1. Such an intimate and deeply personal documentary from the filmmaker. I feel honoured to have been allowed into this man’s life and past, and to see not only what he has suffered through, but, more importantly, how far he has come. I find the premise of parental influence over individual choice fascinating, and this is explored really well. The archival photos and footage serve the narrative brilliantly, and make the story so much more personal. Poignant and heartbreaking, but with elements of fortitude, perseverance and hope. Well done!

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