(3 mins 42 secs, United Kingdom)


Beth Walker is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA in Experimental Animation. She has previously worked for documentary cinema DocHouse, Brighton Fashion Week and Good Money, and was in-house filmmaker for ethical travel company Responsible Travel. Her film, Beneath, premiered at London International Animation Festival.


Exploring interaction and connectivity through a post-human lens, Beneath uses mushrooms on various frames to produce captivating colours and patterns. This film invites you to go beyond the constraints of conventional filmmaking to witness an unfamiliar part of our natural world.

Additional Credits

Director: Beth Walker
Sound Design: Nicholas Faris
Sound Engineer: Joe Hirst
Vocals: Johanna Bramli
Graphics: Rich Plastow
Assistance: Ciccio Coppola, Jiaqing Chen

Film School

Royal College of Art, London

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