(15 mins, United Kingdom)


Eva Babington is a recent graduate of Bournemouth Film School. Originally from Belfast, she has since returned and is focused on research and filmmaking with groups challenging Northern Ireland’s social and political stagnation. 


An unflinching look at the often taboo topic of menstruation. Through interviews and reconstructed scenes, three women share their experiences with period pain and how it has shaped their lives.

Additional Credits

Producers: Naomi Rachel Smith, Ana Marija Hauko
DoP: Liv Kininmonth
Editor: Jasoer Ashton-Nelson
Sound Designer: Joe Selby
Production Designer: Lindsay Potter

Film School

Bournemouth Film School

One thought on “Bloodshed

  1. This is excellent and links so much to the work we are doing in nepal with same issues and have collaborative films made by women in Nepal but this film highlights the need for more on the issues of pain and the need for better education – assume i can share this film link on my social media and would love to know if you have done or plan to do any more work on this issue. There are conferences where this can be shown such as the Menstruation Research Network – the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research and International Visual Sociology Association Conference – and I am sure activists and organisations like Hey Girls and Chella Quint would be interested in sharing this — can we share this link ? what are your plans for this film and any follow on plans – please get in touch – Sara Parker (Sociology LJMU and Dignity Without Danger on Instagram –

    ALSO – amazing art !! any plans for exhibiting this ?


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