(16 mins 9 secs, United States)


Tiffany Jiang is a Brooklyn-based, Chinese-American filmmaker who gravitates towards stories about identity struggles, cultural taboos, and personal traumas. She is now pursuing a Master’s in Media Studies at The New School after having completed the Documentary Media Studies Advanced Certificate program in May 2022.


Marked by devastating events early on in their lives, two New Yorkers find ways to channel their grief into acts of kindness. This film invites viewers to reflect on what it means to live with grief, ultimately finding comfort in it and all its different forms.

Additional Credits

Producer: Tiffany Jiang
Editor: Tiffany Jiang
Director of Photography: Tiffany Jiang
Camera: Moksh Krishnan, Olivia Hamilton, Tiffany Jiang, Harry Dwinell

Film School

The New School

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