Far Within

Far Within

Far Within

(7 mins 59 secs, France)


Victor Boulenger. Normandy ’92 – Failed Theater and Music Baccalaureate – Leaves for Paris – Theater school – Day jobs – Self-sponsored videos and short movies – La Résidence program at la Fémis – The future is cinema.


A beautiful depiction of two people and their love, burdened by isolation. Through a unique and spectacular visual style and sound design, viewers are immersed in the world of Adele and Alice, witnessing how love overcomes grief and communication eventually prevails.

Additional Credits

Writer: Anna Wajsbrot
Producer: Leia Hasrouty & Guillaume Basso
Director of Photography: Louise Bernard Pallas
Editing: Anaïs Manuelli

Film School

La Fémis & The Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

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