Resilience (Dann Dole)

Resilience (Dann Dole)

Resilience (Dann Dole)

(12 mins 30 secs, Senegal)


Pierre Maurice Lopy has worked as a camera operator, editor, and director, and is a student at Forut Media Centre in Dakar. He began his career in cinema as a stage manager before directing his short film, DANN DOLE (Resilience).


This documentary explores the hardship of life in modern-day Senegal through the story of a devoted mother who works to provide for her family. Resilience is a semi-ethnographic account of the power of independence, ambition, and belief.

Additional Credits

Camera: Pierre Maurice Lopy
Editor: Pierre Maurice Lopy

Film School

Forut Media Centre de Dakar

One thought on “Resilience (Dann Dole)

  1. I chose it because it was a well-made film with a poignant subject, and I think you should keep making films like this


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