(9 mins 28 secs, United Kingdom)


Casey Eldridge is an up-and-coming writer/director and graduate of Nottingham University. He uses films as a medium to portray an inner feeling or emotion and spread a positive wider message.


This brooding drama mixes archival footage with fiction to explore the devastating effects of guilt and trauma. Rue is one woman’s journey to come to terms with a tragedy that shattered the safety and comfort of her childhood.

Additional Credits

Writer: Casey Eldridge
DOP: Will Newnham
Sound: William Henley
Actors: Janice Eldridge, Sheila Knight, Gemma Miles,
Martin Shaw, Elenor Miles, Priya Copper

Film School

Nottingham Trent University

One thought on “Rue

  1. Powerful imagery and and excellent sound design – really communicates the silent devastation of grief

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